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TO THE WOODSHED! The band is back together—but due to heat and a holiday, we will next rehearse July 12, 7 p.m. at Discovery House in Seattle.

Our latest lockdown video is John Goodin's "Western Home Polka." We hope this is our last lockdown video—since in-person rehearsals resume June 21.

If you read music and play guitar, bass or a mandolin-family instrument (mandolin, mandola or mandocello), there's never a bad time to join the orchestra!

Did you find an old mandolin in the closet, or under the bed? Here's some advice.

To book a performance, inquire about joining the orchestra, or ask us any other questions, please call (425) 673-0263 or

Support your orchestra with a financial gift or an in-kind donation. Gifts to the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra are tax deductible—and they come with benefits! Get the details.

We performed "Mandolin Messiah" for five years before we thought of making a T-shirt. Well, here it is!

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Vintage photos courtesy of Jim Garber.